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April 18, 2008

Spyware Detector Provides continuous protection using Max Shield...

Spyware Detector provides you with 20 Active shields which are continuously protecting you from new spyware threats. Very soon we will be launching the same monitors based on kernel technology to provide you with better and quicker alerts and unbeatable protection. This upgrade is being provided as we have noticed increasing trend of spyware programs using kernel technology for propagation.

Spyware are getting more sophisticated day by day Spyware Detector is enhancing its Spyware Detection and Removal technology. It's real time protection is always protecting you from new spyware programs from installing and launching on your PC. So now can browse as much as you want and where ever you want, Spyware Detector is dynamically defending you from debilitating spyware programs even reaching your PC. Following are the Live protection which are accessible by clicking on the Max Shield button on the top menu of Spyware Detector. You can read more about them in the Help section of Spyware Detector::

IE Home Protection Tracking Cookie Protection Process Monitor
BHO Monitor ToolBar Monitor Active X Monitor
Start /Up Monitor Services Monitor Host File Monitor
IE Extensions Monitor Bad Web Site Protection Advanced Registry Monitor: Windows Restrictions Monitor
Advanced Registry Monitor: IE Restrictions Monitor Advanced Registry Monitor: AppInit Dll Monitor Advanced Registry Monitor: Shared Task Scheduler Monitor
Advanced Registry Monitor: SSODL Monitor Advanced Registry Monitor: WinLogon Notify Monitor Advanced Registry Monitor: Shell Monitor
Advanced Registry Monitor: UserInit Monitor Advanced Registry Monitor: WinIni Monitor  

Here is the summary on the Spyware Categories processed for Spyware Detector Live Updates in the month of March:

No Category Count
1 Adware 222
2 Backdoor 389
3 Dialer 37
4 Downloader 95
5 Dropper 43
6 Fake Anti Spyware 198
7 Flooder 28
8 Hijacker 3
9 KeyLogger 97
10 Malware 5
11 P2P 3
12 Spyware 24
13 ToolBar 37
14 Tracking Cookie 2
15 Trojan 261
16 Worm 186
17 Constructor 34
18 Exploit 24
19 HackTool 70
20 StartPage 45
21 Badjoke 9
22 Nuker 11
23 Pornware 4
24 Clicker 11
25 Dos 14
26 Proxy 27
27 PSW 73

Great Use of Defender Name....

Since the inception of Microsoft Windows Defender, an anti-Spyware program by Microsoft, fake anti-spyware companies have begun to love the Defender word and here is the list of Fake Anti-Spyware carrying the defender name. All of these are scanned and quarantined by Spyware Detector.

Adware.Ultimate Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.CyberDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.Drivedefender
Fake Anti Spyware.IE Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.IEDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.Last Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.Registry Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.SpyDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.SpyDefenderPro
Fake Anti Spyware.System Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.SystemDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.TheLastDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.Udefender
Fake Anti Spyware.Ultimate Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.UltimateDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.Win Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.WinXDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.XPDefender
Malware.Hacker Defender
Spyware.Registry Defender
Spyware.Ultimate Defender
Trojan.Ultimate Defender
...and more

Fake Anti-Spyware are on rampage and we found that they are continuously evolving and releasing new versions almost every week and doing so to defer detection by signature methods commonly used by Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus products. Following is the long list of 198 Fake-Anti Spyware analyzed and patches already released for their removal in the month of March:

Fake Anti Spyware. AlertSpy Fake Anti Spyware.Awola Fake Anti Spyware.Files Secure
Fake Anti Spyware.Advanced Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Best Seller Fake Anti Spyware.FilterProgram
Fake Anti Spyware.AdvancedCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.BestSeller Fake Anti Spyware.GuardCenter
Fake Anti Spyware.Adware Agent Fake Anti Spyware.BestsellerAntivirus Fake Anti Spyware.Hit Virus
Fake Anti Spyware.AdwareFinder Fake Anti Spyware.BraveSentry Fake Anti Spyware.IeDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.AdwarePro Fake Anti Spyware.Cleanator Fake Anti Spyware.InfeStop
Fake Anti Spyware.AdwareSanitizer Fake Anti Spyware.Cleanx 2007 Fake Anti Spyware.KillAndClean
Fake Anti Spyware.Alfa Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Contra Virus Fake Anti Spyware.Last Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.AlfaAntivirus Fake Anti Spyware.ContraVirus Fake Anti Spyware.LiveProtect
Fake Anti Spyware.Anti Spy Guard Fake Anti Spyware.CurePCSolution Fake Anti Spyware.Macrovirus
Fake Anti Spyware.Anti Vermins Fake Anti Spyware.DataHealer Fake Anti Spyware.Magic AntiSpy
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpy Fake Anti Spyware.Defender Fake Anti Spyware.MagicAntiSpy
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpy Spider Fake Anti Spyware.Deus Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Mal Warrior
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyCheck Fake Anti Spyware.DeusCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Malware Alarm
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyGold Fake Anti Spyware.DioCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Malware Core
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyGuard Fake Anti Spyware.Doctor Adware Fake Anti Spyware.Malware Crush
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyKit Fake Anti Spyware.Doctor Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Malware Destructor
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyShield Fake Anti Spyware.DoctorAdwarePro Fake Anti Spyware.Malware Wipe
Fake Anti Spyware.AntispyStorm Fake Anti Spyware.DrAntiSpy Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareAlarm
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpyware Suite Fake Anti Spyware.Drive Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareBurn
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiSpywareShield Fake Anti Spyware.Drivecleaner Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareCore
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiViirus Fake Anti Spyware.DrProtection Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareCrush
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiVir Gear Fake Anti Spyware.Easy SpyRemover Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareDestructor
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiVirGear Fake Anti Spyware.Easy SpywareCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareMonitor
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiVirPro Fake Anti Spyware.EliteProtector Fake Anti Spyware.MalwarePro
Fake Anti Spyware.Antivirus Solution Fake Anti Spyware.ErrClean Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareWipe
Fake Anti Spyware.AntivirusForAll Fake Anti Spyware.Error Safe Fake Anti Spyware.MalwareWiped
Fake Anti Spyware.AntivirusGold Fake Anti Spyware.ErrorDoctor Fake Anti Spyware.Malwarrior
Fake Anti Spyware.AntiVirusPro Fake Anti Spyware.ErrorKiller Fake Anti Spyware.MessengerBlocker
Fake Anti Spyware.AVSystemCare Fake Anti Spyware.ErrorSafe Fake Anti Spyware.MyCleanerPC
Fake Anti Spyware.MySpy Protector Fake Anti Spyware.SafeStrip Fake Anti Spyware.SysCleaner
Fake Anti Spyware.MySpyProtector Fake Anti Spyware.Secure Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.System Doctor
Fake Anti Spyware.Neospace Fake Anti Spyware.SecurePCCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.System ErrorFixer
Fake Anti Spyware.NoWayVirus Fake Anti Spyware.Spy Heal Fake Anti Spyware.SystemDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.OnlineGuard Fake Anti Spyware.Spy Watche Fake Anti Spyware.SystemDoctor
Fake Anti Spyware.OnlinePCGuard Fake Anti Spyware.SpyBurner Fake Anti Spyware.SystemErrorFixer
Fake Anti Spyware.OSBodyguard Fake Anti Spyware.SpyCrush Fake Anti Spyware.Takedawnload
Fake Anti Spyware.PC Health Plan Fake Anti Spyware.SpyDestroy Fake Anti Spyware.TheLastDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.PC Might Max Fake Anti Spyware.SpyHazard Fake Anti Spyware.TheSpyBot
Fake Anti Spyware.PC-AntiSpyware Fake Anti Spyware.SpyKiller Fake Anti Spyware.Trojanskiller
Fake Anti Spyware.PC-Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Spylocked Fake Anti Spyware.Trusted Antivirus
Fake Anti Spyware.PCAntiVirusPro Fake Anti Spyware.SpyMaxx Fake Anti Spyware.Trusted Protection
Fake Anti Spyware.PCCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Spypotter Fake Anti Spyware.TrustedAntivirus
Fake Anti Spyware.PCOrion Fake Anti Spyware.SpySheriff Fake Anti Spyware.Udefender
Fake Anti Spyware.PCPrivacy Tool Fake Anti Spyware.SpyShredder Fake Anti Spyware.Ultimate Cleaner
Fake Anti Spyware.PCPrivacyTool Fake Anti Spyware.SpySnipe Fake Anti Spyware.Ultimate Defender
Fake Anti Spyware.PcRaiser Fake Anti Spyware.Spyware Isolater Fake Anti Spyware.UltimateDefender
Fake Anti Spyware.PCSecure System Fake Anti Spyware.Spyware Isolator Fake Anti Spyware.Virus Heat
Fake Anti Spyware.PCSuper Charger Fake Anti Spyware.Spyware Remover Fake Anti Spyware.Virus Protect
Fake Anti Spyware.PerfectCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Spyware Terminator Fake Anti Spyware.Virus Ranger
Fake Anti Spyware.PerfomanceOptimizer Fake Anti Spyware.SpywareCrusher Fake Anti Spyware.VirusHeal
Fake Anti Spyware.PerformanceOptimizer Fake Anti Spyware.SpywareIsolator Fake Anti Spyware.VirusLocker
Fake Anti Spyware.Privacy Protector Fake Anti Spyware.SpywarePro Fake Anti Spyware.VirusProtect
Fake Anti Spyware.ProAntispy Fake Anti Spyware.SpywareRemover Fake Anti Spyware.VirusRanger
Fake Anti Spyware.RealAV Fake Anti Spyware.SpywareSweeper Fake Anti Spyware.VirusRescue
Fake Anti Spyware.RegFreeze Fake Anti Spyware.SpywareZapper Fake Anti Spyware.Vistop
Fake Anti Spyware.Registry Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Stoping Spy Fake Anti Spyware.Win AntiSpyware
Fake Anti Spyware.RegistryEasy Fake Anti Spyware.StorageProtector Fake Anti Spyware.Win ErrorFixer
Fake Anti Spyware.RegistryPowerCleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Sunshinespy Fake Anti Spyware.Win Fixer
Fake Anti Spyware.Safe Strip Fake Anti Spyware.Swift Cleaner Fake Anti Spyware.Win Solution
Fake Anti Spyware.Win SpyKiller Fake Anti Spyware.WinPCDoctor Fake Anti Spyware.WinZix
Fake Anti Spyware.WinAnimator Fake Anti Spyware.WinReanimator Fake Anti Spyware.XP Antivirus
Fake Anti Spyware.WinAnonymous Fake Anti Spyware.WinsecureAv Fake Anti Spyware.XP Cleaner
Fake Anti Spyware.WinAnti Virus Fake Anti Spyware.WinSpyControl Fake Anti Spyware.XPAntivirus
Fake Anti Spyware.WinAntiVirus Pro Fake Anti Spyware.WinSpyKiller Fake Anti Spyware.YourPrivacyGuard
Fake Anti Spyware.WinFixer Fake Anti Spyware.WinXDefender Fake Anti Spyware.WinIFixer

More on the Menace of Random Trojan dlls and Drivers ... 

We also noticed more and more downloads  of Spyware coming down on users PC without their acceptance from browsing of specific sites, in the form of random dlls in system 32 location and registry entries in various locations such as run, SSODL or shared task scheduler. Our, very own, Spyware finder tool is continously browsing Internet 24x7 and  finding spyware from such locations automatically. Our Spyware Lab thinks that it is not HoneyPot but Goldmine, it makes their day to be the first one to process just newly -born Spyware, which no one has found so far

Recently we also released Zlob patch which included new Spyware which are brought down on users PC through this Trojan, creating entries in Appdata location and random dlls in system32 . This infection showed a fake security warning page suggesting customers to buy several Defender programs. We already released patch for that.

We appreciate any feedback on our products from our valuable customers. You would also notice daily news updates on our Spyware patch releases. You will also find more detailed information on the Spyware Encyclopedia pages which can be reached either from Spyware we Remove Link or by clicking on the Spyware Detector itself after a particular Spyware is detected, by clicking on Threat Information Link right next to the name of the Threat detected.

Please continue to support this effort by reading this blog for latest information on new spyware releases. We will not rest until Spyware writers give up and let the users of PCs enjoy their computing as it was intended to be without any slowdown, without fear of losing Privacy and with no advertisements or other unwanted nuisances. 

Rachna Pradhan 
Max Secure Software

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