Notification Popup

When your product is unregistered a sliding notification window will open from the lower side of main UI at time of opening ui:

You can also purchase the product by clicking on Buy Now button present on the sliding notification window.

You can hide this sliding window by clicking Hide notification X button.

New look of Max Secure Spyware Detector

Max Secure Spyware Detector now features a New Crisper User Interface, Shortcut Icon and System Tray Icon as well as enhanced capability to detect more malicious programs using improved decryption technology and better behaviour analysis. It also has new features such as Firewall, USB Manager, Email Scan, Internet Filter, Network Monitor and Parental Control.

Click for Basic View option

Click for Basic View: By clicking on this button user can change the New look UI to Basic View and vice versa.

Use: If user is unable to view the new look of the tabs on main UI due to some scripting incompatibility of browser, then he/she should click on this button to get the basic view.

After clicking on Click for Basic View button UI will look as following:


Max Secure Firewall provides a robust way to effectively filter network traffic, prevent malicious behavior, protect running processes and filter web content. It provides filtering of I/O requests at the kernel and user levels. Max Secure Firewall is one of the best defenses against malicious software attacks on your system.

USB Manager

USB Manager allows you to scan removable devices and also block them totally. You can also set password so that as soon as you attach a removable device to the PC; it will ask for password to open Removable Device Scan window.

Email Scan

Email Scanner is an email security and anti-spam package for all the email clients (like Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail, Mulberry, Mozilla thunderbird, Foxmail, Pegasus mail, Windows live mail etc.)

Internet Filter

This feature protects the incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous scripts and urls from being browsed on your pc as defined by our virus research team. You can also add your urls by domain name or any sub-string if you want.

Network Monitor

This functionality helps you monitor the entire network (when your PC is connected in workgroup) when you want to block particular PCs due to some security or personal reason.

Parental Control

The Parental Control component allows the control of actions of users taken on the network and on the computer.

Command-line Registration

In some cases, if your PC is heavily infected and will not allow you to open UI (user interface) then you can get registered using command line and also scan/quarantine using command line. After scan/quarantine is complete, we are very sure you can use the product without any further virus issues.

Off-line Registration

We also have offline registration which is an alternative way to get registered if your PC is heavily infected and redirects your browser or you have lost Internet altogether. If you can access Internet from some other PC then you can get the Activation code by this method and register infected PC in offline mode. You can use our chat facility from Livesupport button or email us by clicking on Email button or browse this page on another PC, from Step 3 of Registration Wizard:

Scan By Name

If you are an advanced user and can see some funny, random name processes in task manager or other tools, if you know they are malware files then you can have our scanner terminate them from every where on your Pc by using this tool. It can be found under Options>Settings>Scan by Name. All you need to do is browse to this file and add and scanner will make sure that this file can not escape and will be quarantined for sure. This option is for advanced users who know which file is Malware. This option is very useful if some new malware has launched itself on your PC and still not detected by any Anti-Virus, you can easily kiss it good bye.

Pre Setup Memory Scanner

We noticed that several Malware will not allow an anti-virus to install their set up and are memory resident. For that reason, we have added memory scanner before the set up starts. This scanner immediately terminates and suspends such Malware and allows easy set up installation. It can take few minutes and if you are sure that there are no viruses on your PC then you hit cancel and start set up immediately. This is very useful feature in case your PC is infected.


Now you can use all these tools as you require (for advanced users).
Start Menu >> Max Spyware Detector >> Tools
You can read more about them from and link.